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             Savannah S.'s Birth story of Landon


I'd been in preterm labor since 31 weeks. I started dilating and having contractions and was put on extreme bed rest. I had to transfer out of my midwife's care and into a high risk hospital. I was given the fetal fibronectin test at 34 weeks. It came back positive. I refused to believe this was where my son was meant to come into this world. He would be born naturally. The way he was meant to. I some how made it to 37 weeks and transferred back into my midwife's care. The next 3 weeks drug on, but I was so grateful. Any day could be the day.


My water broke on my midwife as she went to check me at the very last appointment. It was my due date. She already had a mom in labor, but squeezed me in. I was 5cm then. She got the 2nd room set up. She was having 2 deliveries. My labor didn't progress quickly at first, which was good. It gave enough time to get everyone there to help and support me. 

Landon flipped from ORA to OP, we tried moving him by having me on my hands and knees on the labor ball. He just wouldn't have it. So the other mommy and I took a walk. Hoping to help our labors progress and move our babies down. When we returned inside the birth center, my midwife suggested an small herbal remedy to help bring on my contractions. I took it and the other mommy was ready to push! I could hear her from the other room, where my contractions intensified 10 fold. I had to push. One of my midwife's birth assistants stayed with me and started the water in the birthing pool. The other mom had her daughter. She was born at 4:52pm.

Moments later, my midwife finished with the other mom as quickly as she could and came over to my room. She guided me into the birth pool, hoping to relieve some if the pain. I pushed with all I had while she guided Landon's head down. My best friend and partner at the time held my feet and legs to try to help me. I felt like my whole body was on fire, I felt like my hips and pelvis were breaking. I was unsure of this pain because the birth of my daughter was so different. Landon's heart rate dropped and in that moment I knew I had to do whatever it took to make sure he got here safely. His heart rate quickly recovered, but I knew what I had to do for my baby.

My midwife knew it wasn't working. She helped me out of the birth pool on to the bed. I was struggling desperately and wanted to give up, I was in so much pain. I had to keep pushing though and had so many encouraging women around me.

Landon was born face-up, called OP. Which is tremendously more painful and difficult than normal because his forehead was smashed up against my pelvic bone. My midwife knew while I was in the birth pool that I would not be able to have him there, gravity just wasn't on our side and I was shaking too much to stand or squat to use gravity to help me.

He was born at 5:52pm. Exactly one hour apart from the other baby *next door*. I held him in my arms. Finally. After so many long weeks of pain and longing to hold him, but keeping him in so he would have the best start in life. He was here! Full head of black hair and screaming his little lungs out. No need to even clear his mouth out, he made his presence known! I was so relieved to hold him, to cuddle him and relish in the fact that we did it. We made the full 40, against all odds and an OP birth, we did it!

Landon nursed for 3 hours straight and finally fell asleep in one of the birth assistant's arms while I got cleaned up and filled out paperwork. It was by far the most painful and difficult experience I have ever dealt with. They never gave up on me, even though I wanted to give up on myself. I am so honored to have such empowering women around me to help me through my son's birth.


Rest in Peace Landon James

11 December 2013 - 6 September 2014

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