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Pregnancy and Birth Book

This 146 page ebook accompanies the award-nominated Fear Free Childbirth Podcast. Inside, you will; 

*Learn about birth and pregnancy from world-class birthing experts sharing their wisdom & knowledge.

*Listen to mothers from around the world sharing their positive birth stories. 

*Discover mindset tips and techniques for clearing your pregnancy stresses & birthing fears.


Get access to lots of FREE resources to help you throughout your pregnancy and prepare for your positive birth.

Join over 110,000 women from over 120 countries who have used the podcast to support them throughout their pregnancy and to prepare for their birth.

Fear Free Childbirth

Find the book on Amazon and download for your kindle. 

Jacqui Blue

Listen to the Fear Free Childbirth podcast's exclusive interview with Jacqui Blue & Alexia Leechman talking about the details of her own birth experiences, not shared in the film and what led to the making of Beautiful Births.

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